2014 Art / IQ Contest

For our art competition this year, we would like you to draw, paint, or show via any other artistic medium (no photographs, please!) how your local community is unique. This is your opportunity to show off your local environment! 
We are extremely delighted to invite you and your institution to the motivation and encouragement of your pupils for participation in such events which are particularly organized to show our new generation’s hidden creative talent to the world.

Theme for Art Contest:
“Beauty of Our Country” students from around the world There is no limit to the number of entries per school!

For IQ Test: Sample test papers attached to this invitation Suggestions for art:
1)- Landscapes
2)- Unique plants, animals, weather events
3)- Students doing “Beauty of Our Country” at their school

1)- Submissions due no later than 28th Feb 2014
2)- Top entries will be highlighted on the PCA web page ,Electronic media (TV Channels) and Paper media (Newspapers)
3)- Winners will be announced on the Pakistan Competition Authority website by 31st March 2014.

What Needs to be Submitted:
1)- Artwork: A4 / A3 paper / Regular Chart Paper.
2)- Contact information: Student(s) names, Grade level of student, Teacher name, School name,Preferred email address.
3.)- Registration Fee: 300/- Rs only (per student) Demand draft or Pay Order in favor of “Pakistan Competition Authority” 

How to enter submissions
Mail all required materials to: Pakistan Competition Authority (Head Office)

Judging criteria and point assignment:
40 point: Drawing -10 point: Decoration - 20 point: Creativity- 15 point: Submission includes all requested contact information - 15 point: Receipt of all materials (artwork, student List, contact information) by deadline

2014 Art / IQ Contest Download Pdf File
2014 Art / IQ Contest Poster

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